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It’s’s’s the MokeLife, baby!

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Not a car.
Not a golf cart...
It’s an experience.

Introducing the Moke: A collectible car originally designed for the British Military in the 1950’s reinvented right here in Florida .   

From British classic to Caribbean icon, Moke has become a symbol of fun in the sun. Park your car and cruise the beautiful palm tree lined streets in style with the Moke. A street legal green, electric, low speed vehicle.

Imagine driving to the beautiful beaches, restaurants and shops of Naples and Marco Island listening to your favorite tunes on our Bluetooth stereos. No matter what day it is, it's always the weekend when you're in a Moke. Good vibes only. 

Moke History

Originally, the Moke was created by Alec Issigonis at the British Motor Company, who was also the originator of the Austin Mini. The Moke was designed as a secret weapon for the British military to parachute from the skies and to be used in combat.

Although that never materialized, the MOKE style caught the eyes of celebrities, beach goers PLUS French Rivera and Caribbean vacationers. The Moke became a status symbol and anyone who was able to own one was accorded VIP status.

Moke Today

Today, the Moke has kept its classic design, yet with bonus upgrades- a little bigger, wider and stronger. The windshield glass is stronger and the wheels are upgrade to 14”. The paint goes through a 5-dip process so it glistens in the sun and always look impeccable.

Plus in keeping with its coastal history, the undercarriage has been coated for rust proofing so as to protect it against salt damage and corrosion. Plus it is Electric! To find out more, please click here.

Naples Moke

Choose a street legal electric Moke from our brand new fleet! Guaranteed to add some fun to your vacation. Hop in and cruise around downtown Naples in style. Leave your car at home and get your tropical vacation on! We are the official Moke dealership for Southwest Florida! Contact us directly for Sales or Rentals.

  • Seats four people
  • Drive 25mph on any street posted 35mph or less
  • Cruise to the beautiful beaches, restaurants, shops, and golf course in style.
  • Family fun. The kids will love it!
  • Ride Safely: Meets all street legal safety standards for low speed vehicle
  • All-weather waterproof Bimini Roof Tops are included with all Moke rentals. Just line it up and snap it into place.

Book Your Moke Rental Here

All rentals are subject to a $2 per day solid waste charge and 7% sales tax.

Note: There is a 2-day rental minimum.

Deliveries are made between 9am-11am. Pickups are made between 2-3pm.

If your rental ends on a Sunday we will pick up first thing on Monday morning.

To rent a Moke: Choose a Moke color and select your dates. Blue color on the calendar indicates dates that ARE available.

New Mokes are coming in weekly so keep checking back if your dates are not currently available.

The Electric Car Wave is here!

  • Charging is a snap - simply use any house 110-outlet. And it is get a full charge in 8 hours with 40 miles of driving time.
  • LOW-SPEED Vehicle (LSV) - Mokes are legal to drive on all streets posted 35 mph or less.
  • American Made - The main components of the Moke are made right here in America and assembled in Sarasota Florida - ie windshields and windows, seat belts, tires, seats, Bimini tops and all 10 batteries.
  • Easy to Wash - hose down the entire car on the inside and outside and you will be good to go.
  • Bimini top - You are always half outdoors with the Moke exactly the way you like to be - the Bimini top protects you from a light rain.
  • International - Norway has over 75% Electric cars. The rest of Europe is following suit. England and France want to have 100% electric cars on the road by 2024. Here in the USA, Tesla had led the way in the electric car space and now all the luxury brands are investing billions of dollars into the future of electric car development.

We're Naples Moke. We’re about enjoying life, smiling, being happy and saving the planet.

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